Covid-19 Update

Dear Students, Churches, and Friends,

I pray that this message finds you all well. Life certainly has changed drastically in the last couple of months. I write to you today to update you on our response to COVID-19 at UCM.

The primary ministry of UCM continues to be our Student Food Pantry. Through the good works of Zach Matthew, Tim Ghogle, and Polina Kaniuka an online form was created and distributed to our community. This form is available on our website for all students and employees (who are not being paid) to complete and request food sources. We receive these forms and schedule pick-ups on Wednesday of each week. Tim Ghogle is a true blessing and he packages these food items in bags for pick up. We also are able to include restaurant and grocery gift cards through gifts from our board and supporters. The Presbyterian Church (USA) awarded us a grant for $2000 for our ongoing efforts. This has afforded us the opportunity to provide cheese, milk, bread, and eggs to our students as well. The Food Pantry items are given at the appointed time on Wednesday with social distancing, masks, at the front door of the UCM building.

We have obtained a ZOOM account and are continuing our work from a distance. You can check out our Facebook page for ZOOM links for our Courageous Conversations on Mondays at noon and Open Spaces on Thursdays at noon.

At this time the building itself remains closed to the public. I am available for one on one meetings or spiritual counseling sessions by appointment. We will meet either by Zoom or in person depending on need. Our office staff is present and can accept donations for the Student Food Pantry by simply calling the office upon your arrival.

At this time we will remain closed until May 31st and will assess the situation at that time.

The support and connections we have kept going during this time of physical separation have been a true blessing. We remain spiritually and emotionally connected to one another and here for each other. I look forward to and pray for the day that we will be together in person, but know that for the safety of all, we remain distant.

Blessings on you all and let peace abound!

Rev. Dawn Black
​Campus Minister for United Campus Ministries

Updated on May 6

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Terre Haute, IN 47807-3001

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