The Student Food Pantry

Information for Students:


(UPDATED 7-27-2022)



Complete the ORANGE CARD on your first visit for the 2022-23 School Year as of this update. If you had one on file last year it is no longer valid and a new card must be completed. PLEASE print legibly. We cannot assist you if we cannot process the information. 


Give the attendant your Student ID. Accepted ID’s are from Indiana State University, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Ivy Tech Community College. Attendant will register your name and information on the sign-in sheet for you. 


Attendant will give you a WHITE FOOD PANTRY USAGE checklist. This states the allowed items PER VISIT. You are allowed to visit ONCE per WEEK. Plastic bags are available for use although we recommend you use a bag brought with you. TURN IN your card upon exiting the STUDENT FOOD PANTRY. 


There is a HYGIENE CLOSET you may utilize on your way out. Guidelines are listed inside the doors. 


Please thank the attendant as you exit. 


  1. We reserve the right to refuse service to any persons. 
  2. The UCM Student Food Pantry is here to assist higher education students along their academic journey. It is not intended to fully support individual students. Its sole purpose is to assist and is all we are able to do. 
  3. The FOOD PANTRY USAGE checklist is generous for a weekly visit. It may not fully sustain a students food needs, it is designed to assist students and also to provide for as many students as possible. 
  4. We DO NOT allow substitutes or changes to the FOOD PANTRY USAGE checklist. 
  5. ONLY take the allotment listed on the FOOD PANTRY USAGE checklist. If you do not wish to take all the items that is allowable and gracious to your fellow students. TAKING MORE than the allotment per week runs the risk of being refused future services. 
  6. VALID student ID’s from the aforementioned higher education institutions are accepted. ONLY students are allowed to utilize the STUDENT FOOD PANTRY. See attendant for a list of other Food Pantry’s in the area to assist with the needs of families or non-student residents of the Terre Haute/Vigo County and surrounding areas. 

If you are in need of the Student Food Pantry resources and are not able to attend during the designated hours please contact the office at 812-232-0186 to schedule an appointment. 

A blessing box sits outside to meet urgent needs of students and community members. We are seeking to operate a food pantry with zero waste. Clothing and non-perishables are restocked weekly.

Student Worker Information:

Our Food Pantry is staffed by Work Study students through ISU work study grants. If you would like to apply to work at the SFP check out the United Campus Ministry posting through the Career Center at ISU. In order to apply you must qualify for a Work Study grant. We LOVE our student workers and couldn’t do it without them!


The student food pantry was initially funded by 100+ Women Who Care, a philanthropy organization in Terre Haute, IN. The SFP has also been a recipient of grants from the Presbytery of Ohio Valley Monroe County Grant, Wingstop Charities (2x recipient), Cares Grant, Sodexo community support, the Miracle on 7th street grants and multiple Thrivent grants through Trinity Lutheran church members.

Donation Information

Congregational Partnerships

We continue to give thanks and praise to the congregations who have come alongside our Student Food Pantry to provide regular monthly support. If you are interested in becoming a sustaining Congregational Partner please reach out to the office and someone from the Food Pantry Committee will get in touch with you.

  • Trinity Lutheran: Breakfast Foods
  • Unity Presbyterian Church: Beans
  • Central Christian Church: Rice
  • Memorial Methodist Church: Hygiene
  • Universalist Unitarian: Various
  • Special thanks to Dr. William Hine, Jr. DDS who provided tooth brushes and tooth paste

Donations are accepted and celebrated during business hours. We accept perishable and non-perishable items as well as cash donations to support the ongoing work of the ministry.

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321 N 7th St

Terre Haute, IN 47807-3001

(812) 232-0186