Table Talks

Table Talks on Wednesday evenings. Join us for a hot meal and activity from 5-6pm. Activities change weekly and are Covid-19 safe.

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Economics and Ethics Panel is hosted once per semester in conjunction with the ISU Economics Department. Check the Calendar tab for specifics.

Campus and Community is hosted once a semester surrounding a topic of collegial and local importance. A small lunch is provided. Check the Calendar tab for specifics.

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Table Talks FAQ

What is Table Talks?

Table Talks is a weekly gathering the Program Committee organizes for our students and all those who want to attend We start serving at 5:00pm. The evening is usually over by 7:00pm.

What do I have to do to sponsor a meal?

To sponsor a meal, you just choose an available date and supply a menu. The Monday prior to the Wednesday meal we will send out the menu to students. 

How many students attend?

The numbers of students fluctuate from 15-25. I know that is widespread. We do encourage students to bring carry out containers and after all have eaten, we allow folks to pack up food to go. There is never any waste!

Do I have to cook it?

You don’t have to cook but we ask that you provide. That can look like a cooked meal made at home and brought in. It can look like a cooked meal prepared using our kitchen here at the center. It can look like a catered meal provided by an outside source that delivers. You can choose what works best for you and your team. 

What does a meal look like?

The meals have always been a variety of items that are different every week. A standard guide would be 2 main dishes (a vegetarian and meat), a side dish, a salad, bread, and a dessert. You can always add more. We have had salad bars, taco bars, fried chicken, soup and chili, and casseroles, you name it, we have probably had it! We do ask for at least one vegetarian dish and our international students prefer chicken over beef. 

How is it served?

We serve the meal by placing the food buffet style on the counter in the upstairs room. Students either self-serve, or we serve them as they walk through the line. We typically serve the students if there is a need for portion control, so we don’t run out too quickly. We often set up a separate dessert table and drink table. 

Do I have to provide condiments?

We often already have many items on hand from previous meals. If you have a need for salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, etc. just call Dawn to check if we have those items available already. 

Do I need to provide drinks?

We keep tea, lemonade and water on hand to serve the students. You will not need to provide beverages. 

Do I provide plates? Napkins?

We provide all the serving ware so you will not have to worry about those things. Just the meal. 

Is there any help?

YES! We have a Work Study student hired to help at Table Talks. We cannot control illness or emergencies for that student, but we do plan on having someone there who will set up the serving line, prepare the drinks, and assist with serving and the needs of the sponsor for the night. 

Do I need to wash the dishes?

The students are responsible for washing their own dishes. If you have items used to prepare and/or serve the meal our Work Study student will assist you in washing those items. We do ask that all dishwater is put away at the end of the night.

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